Join us for our Annual recitals on June 23 and 24!

Saturday, June 23 at 6pm and Sunday, June 24th at 2pm

Where: Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center (Renton High School)

Cost: $15 per ticket (seats are assigned)

Most classes will only do ONE dress rehearsal and ONE show. These will be confirmed on or before May 1st.

Check back in March/April for more performance details! 

Our recital in June is our biggest, most exciting event each year. We have two different shows - June 23rd and 24th at the Renton IKEA Performing Arts Center. It is a 550 seat theater that gets close to selling out. We order costumes for each class, have professional photos taken of all students and have in-studio rehearsals and dress rehearsals prior to the two shows! All RDC classes participate in the recital and all family members and friends are welcome to attend. Tickets are $15. It is not mandatory for your student to participate in the recital, but 99% of our students do, because it's so fun!
Each RDC student that participates in the recital is charged a $60 recital costume deposit per student, per class. This covers most, if not all, of the costume cost, along with the cost of tights. We order those as well. Once the costume and tights are ordered, we reconcile the cost for each student plus sales tax, and then any remaining balance (or credit) is posted to your account by March 1st.
Summary of the overall costume process: We take all students measurements in class, the teachers choose costumes from a large number of catalogs, we price and size for each student over the holidays (this is already done for all classes) and then we place orders between Jan. 1st and Feb. 1st. Our recital isn't until June, but we order the bulk of our costumes in January for two reasons. The first, is that we get significant bulk shipping discounts if we order before Jan./ 17th. We don't charge you all for that, but with close to 300 students and over 800 costumes, that can add up quickly! The second is that it takes the costume companies 3-4 months to make and ship them to us. We need them back here by the first week of May, so we have time to sort and assign them to students, deal with any issues, try them on in class the week of May 21st, and do all alterations (yes, we do that too!) so they are ready for picture day on June 17th and 18th!
If you are unsure about the recital or have questions, we urge you to ask a teacher or RDC staff person. If you know another student or family who's been with us prior to this year, We'd also suggest you talk to them about the recital and their experience!


Our next performance is on June 23rd and 24th!