2021 Recital Orders (Coming Soon!)

Our annual June recitals are June 18-20, 2021.

See below for more information. 
​This page will be updated weekly from now through the recital, so make sure to check back frequently for updates!


  • Costumes have arrived and will be distributed at RDC the weeks of May 17-22 and 24-28!
  • We will have a professional photographer in the studio on Saturday, June 12 and Sunday, June 13 taking individual and family photos of dancers in their costumes. See below for more info on that.
  • Monday, June 14 - Wednesday, June 16 we'll have combined class dress rehearsals on Zoom. See below for that schedule!
    • All classes will be assigned a day and time to log on, put their costumes on and do their dance for some other classes. This is chance for dancers to see other recital dances. to dance in their costumes with their hair done and to practice performing for others before our performance. See below for the detailed schedule!
  • Our June recital will be at an outdoor, covered venue so dancers can be in-person with a small, in-person audience, regardless of weather.
  • Each class will be assigned a day and time block to perform in on June 18, 19th and/or 20th
    • Your dancers/family can stay for the entire block your dancers are in, but if your dancer performs in more than one block, you will need to exit the space and come back for the next block, due to safety precautions.
    • ​If your family has more than three classes/dancers, it's likely that you will need to come more than one day. We tried our best to accommodate dancers who have multiple classes and families who have multiple dancers, but this is the first time we've done anything like this and with the safety precautions we need to have in place and rules around how many people can be in the space at a time, it makes scheduling hard. We thank you for your patience!
  • We must follow our states rules about event numbers and safety, based on COVID-19 at that time. We will confirm the number of audience members each dancer can have on or before June 1st. This WILL be limited, likely to immediate family members only and definitely no more than 3-4 people per family.
  • We hope to be able to live stream this for families and friends who can't be there in person. In addition, we will be recording it, so there will be a digital option for purchase.
  • Since we have to pay to rent a space, along with bringing in all of the equipment (Stage, tenting, audio, chairs, etc.), we will be charging a performance fee for each dancer in May. Normally, we would sell tickets to the shows to cover these costs, but since it's outdoors and there isn't a ticketing process, we'll be collecting a flat fee for each dancer to cover this. This amount will be due by June 10th.


  • Week of May 17-22 and 24-29: Costumes will be distributed outside of RDC for safe pick-up! An email will be sent before May 10th with the detailed schedule and instructions!
    • You will be responsible for any costume alterations needed before the performance.
  • Saturday, June 12 & Sunday, June 13: PICTURE DAYS!
    • We WILL have individual professional photos taken for those who want them. You will receive an email with a link to sign up for a family timeslot. Each family will be in the room by themselves and everyone will wear masks, except when dancers are taking actual photos. These are first come-first served, so keep an eye out for the email!
  • Monday, June 14, Tuesday, June 15 and Wednesday, June 16: Combined classes/dress rehearsals (See schedule below)
  • Thursday, June 17: RDC is closed for load-in and prep for recital
  • FRIDAY, June 18, 4:30-8:30pm: RECITAL DAY 1
  • SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 9:30am-6:30pm: RECITAL DAY 2
  • SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 9:30am-7:00pm: RECITAL DAY 3