Our annual June recitals are June 18-20, 2021!



  • Monday, June 14 - Wednesday, June 16 we'll have combined class dress rehearsals on ZOOM ONLY.
  • All classes are assigned a day and time to log on, put their costumes on and do their dance for some other classes. This is chance for dancers to see other recital dances. to dance in their costumes with their hair done and to practice performing for others before our performance. Click on the blue button above to get the schedule. The Zoom links were sent in email on June 11th!


  • Location: Our June recital will take place at Explorer West Middle School in the White Center/West Seattle area! The address is 10015 28th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98146.
  • Schedule & Masks
    • This is an outdoor venue so dancers can be in-person with a small, in-person audience, regardless of weather. 
    • ​All dancers, staff and audience members will wear masks at all times during the performance. Dancers need to wear a plain black mask to perform in.
    • Each class has been assigned a day and time block to perform in on June 18, 19th and/or 20th. Click on the purple button above to view/download the detailed performance block schedule.
  • Block performance and audience info
    • We're SO excited to be able to offer an in-person recital this year, but if you've been with us for an indoor recital in the past, this looks VERY different, so get ready!
    • At the end of every performance block, there will be an estimated 30 minute break and all dancers, families and guests must leave the space and re-enter for your next performance block, even if your dancer(s) are in back to back blocks. No one will be able to stay in the space between performance blocks, except staff. This allows us to stay within the state guidelines regarding the number of people we can have in the space and re-organize and disinfect between blocks, to be ready for the next group of classes and audience members.
    • Every dancer will be allowed to have up to FOUR audience members/guests maximum in each performance block they are in. 
      • You may bring fewer guests than this, but you may not bring more than four.
      • If you have multiple dancers in your family, you will be limited to two additional audience members for each additional dancer above one, when they are in the same block. So, if you have two dancers in the same performance block, you may bring up to six people and if you have three dancers in the same performance block, you may bring up to eight people.
      • All dancers and their guests MUST arrive together, at the same time. No guests will be allowed into the venue without a dancer.
      • Check the FAQ's document by clicking on the green button above to get more details about the rules surrounding guests.
      • If you bring more than your allowed number of guests to the recital, they will be turned away at the door.
  • Click on the green button above to find the answers to ALL your questions about the recital and afterwards - what to plan for, parking, arrival and entrance process, what your dancer should bring with them (nothing), where your dancers go while you're watching the show, who counts as a guest, how to order recital t-shirts and so much more!

Recital streaming and digital copies - We are planning to stream the performances online at a later date (not the day of) for anyone who lives far away or isn't able to be at the performances. We also plan to have digital copies of the performances for sale, so there will be plenty of opportunities for your extended family and friends to see your dancers perform!


  • Monday, June 14, Tuesday, June 15 and Wednesday, June 16: Combined classes/dress rehearsals (See schedule below)
  • Thursday, June 17: RDC is closed for load-in and prep for recital
  • FRIDAY, June 18, 4:30-8:30pm: RECITAL DAY 1
  • SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 9:30am-7:00pm: RECITAL DAY 2
  • SUNDAY, JUNE 20, 9:30am-7:00pm: RECITAL DAY 3