RDC Fall 2020 online/in-person hybrid class plan!

After receiving customer feedback from the survey we sent, and much time spent brainstorming and researching, RDC will be offering small in-person classes this fall! Our plan is to do a phased approach, based on our dancer’s ages, with a hybrid class model. We’ll continue offering all of our classes online via Zoom for those who feel most comfortable being at home and offer a rotating, small group, in-person option for those who want to participate. 

RDC is taking the safety of our dancers, families and staff VERY seriously. We’re following all state and CDC guidelines exactly and doing more than is required. We’ve reviewed and edited our plan numerous times and we feel confident at this time that we can manage small in-person classes very safely. If something changes with the guidelines or dancers/their families are not able to follow our rules, we’ll adjust our plan accordingly and may not allow some or all dancers to take class in person.

We know we’re not going to please everyone. Even with this plan, your dancer will still need to take most of their classes online, as this rotating plan only allows your dancer to be here once every 3-5 weeks. We feel this is the safest plan that allows dancers to be here, based on the size of our space, state guidelines, our level of comfort, and with the rise in cases in WA. We want to ease in safely!

This plan and our current published schedule will only be for classes from September 14 through December 19. We’re hopeful that this schedule will remain mostly the same in the winter/spring, but because things are changing all the time, we will re-access later in the fall. If you register for a class in the fall and want to continue with that same class in the spring, you will automatically be registered and have first priority for the second session. You will not need to register again!

We may also offer weekly in-person classes for three students at time at a higher cost Monday – Friday between 9am-2pm. If you expressed interest in this via our survey, we have your information and will be reaching out to you next week. If you didn’t respond to our survey and are interested in getting more information on this, please contact us and let us know! If you’re interested in these day time classes and cannot afford to pay a higher cost, please contact us as well! Although RDC is struggling financially, we’re committed to making sure that these opportunities are equitable for all of our dancers.

We know every family is unique and have different feelings about COVID-19 and safety. That’s why we’re offering both online and in-person options this fall. In order to help you make the best decision for your family, we’ve included our high-level in-person class plan below!

General in-person class information

  • We’ll have up to 3 dancers in person in the studio, at a time. 
  • We’ll have a five-week rotation, with classes capped at 15 students per class. Most dancers will take class in-person, once every 5 weeks. Depending on the total number in each class who have opted in to take in person classes, your dancer may be able to come more often. The other weeks, they will take class online via Zoom.
  • There will be two RDC staff/teachers in the space at all times.
  • For increased safety and to be sure that our process is being implemented correctly, we’re doing a phased approach for in-person classes based on the age of our dancers. This will allow us to try out the process with our older dancers, who can typically follow instructions more closely with less supervision, before we implement it for the younger dancers. Our hope is that by the time we get to phase 3 with the youngest dancers, who will need way more help following all the rules, our process will be perfected.
    • Phase 1: Starts in-person class rotation on September 14: Levels 3/4, 4 and 5.
    • Phase 2: Starts in-person class rotation on October 5: Levels 1-3, Acro and 6-8 year old classes.
    • Phase 3: Starts in-person class rotation on November 9: Ages 3-6 (Pre-Ballet, combo classes)
    • Special Note: We’re still undecided about our pre-school age dancers (specifically 3 year olds) and whether it’s best to have them here in person. Our goal is to have zero contact with all dancers and to be able to maintain 6 feet apart, but many young dancers still need help with going to the bathroom or may not be comfortable entering the space by themselves without their parents. If we do allow our youngest dancers to come in person in November, we’ll provide some specific guidelines as to what we will allow. More to come on that!
  • With the phased approach, dancers will be required to take class online until their phase starts. We know many of you are anxious to get back to dancing in person, but our first priority is safety and we’re not willing to take unnecessary risks for our dancers or staff. We want to be absolutely sure we’re doing this the right way and gradually seems to be the best approach.
  • Because the creation and management of the rotating in-person schedules are going to be time consuming for our staff, we’re implementing registration cut-off dates for each phase. In order to guarantee that your dancers is able take in-person classes this fall, you must register for a class by the dates below. If you register for a class after your phase cut-off date, we cannot guarantee that you’ll be able to start in-person classes until the next phase start date. Or, if you’re in phase 3, you may need to take online classes through December 19th.
    • Registration cut-off dates for in-person class rotation:
      • Phase 1 (In-person classes start on Sept. 14): Register by 11:59pm on September 7th.
      • Phase 2 (in-person classes start on Oct. 5): Register by 11:59pm on September 21st.
      • Phase 3 (in-person classes start on Nov. 9): Register by 11:59pm on October 26.
  • We will be capping all classes at 15 students, which means some of our classes will be smaller this year. Once a class is full, we’ll close it and add a waitlist. If you choose to wait to register until right before the cut-off date for your age/level, the classes you want may already be closed for the fall session and those dancers will get priority for the winter/spring.
    • We will add new classes if/when the original classes fill, so there is a possibility that if your class is full, there will be another added on your age group and genre!

What should my dancer and I expect when coming to in-person classes?


  • When you and your dancer arrive, you will need to wait with your dancer until the lobby door opens and you’re met by RDC staff. An adult will need to sign a COVID-19 waiver confirming you and anyone you’ve come in contact with does not have symptoms.
  • All dancers will have their temperature taken and be given hand sanitizer. If you or your dancer has a fever and/or any signs of illness, they will NOT be let in. 
  • Once your dancer has cleared the health check and is clear to enter the studio, they will go one of two places:
    • A designated color spot in the lobby/dressing room area that is at least 10 feet away from anyone else to sit and wait, until the dance room has been full sanitized and ready for dancing. Once the dance room is ready, they will be released to #2 below, one at a time.
    • Their designated color tape box in the dance room, one at a time. There’s 10 feet of space between the edge of each taped box and the next one. The centers of each tape box, where the dancers will spend most of their time dancing, are 17-20 feet from the next dancer. 
  • Dancers must stay in their taped boxes/on their designated color spots for their entire class. Dancers will not be permitted to leave their box, unless they are going to the bathroom or going home.
  • Dancers will keep their dance bags in the corner of their tape box. They will change shoes, get water and dance in their tape box.
  • The bathroom will be open but everything else will be off limits. No water refill stations, no cubbies, no vending machine and no chairs/places to sit.


  • Parents must wait outside the dance room doors.
  • Each dancer will be released, with their dance bag, one at a time out the dance room door to their adults. RDC staff will make sure each student is supervised and connected with their adult. No dancer will be let out of the building unless we see their adult.
  • Once all dancers have left the building, RDC staff will close the door and disinfect for the next class.

How will the in-person classes work and how will I know when my dancer needs to be there?

  • Dancers will be assigned a letter or multiple letters - A, B, C, D, E, for each of their classes for the entire fall session. Those letters will correspond to the week you will come in person. For example, if the week of Sept. 14-19 is assigned as WEEK A, then all dancers who are assigned as ‘A’ dancers will come in person to that class, that week! This schedule will be released at least a week ahead of your phase start date, so you’ll know your dancers in-person schedule and can plan ahead! Don’t worry, we’ll send email reminders, post the letter week dates and student letter assignments online and have the letters posted on the outside of the studios each week when you pull up.
  • Your dancer will dance in person with the same other two dancers every week to limit contact.
  • Until we get close to your phase cut-off date, and start looking at the data, we don’t know what week your dancer will be assigned to. We’re not able to take requests for specific weeks for your dancer. If your dancer has multiple classes, your dancer may take all of their in-person classes in the same week, or may be split between multiple weeks.
  • If you have multiple dancers in your family in the same class, your dancers will be assigned the same weeks to limit contact. If they are in different classes, we cannot guarantee that your dancers will be here in-person the same weeks.

Added safety policies and disinfecting for in-person classes:

  • All of our staff and teachers must go through a two-hour COVID-19 specific disinfecting and policy training before they teach any in-person classes.
  • The lobbies in both spaces will be completely closed. No parents or family members will be allowed inside the studio. Dancers and staff only.
  • Your dancer must be accompanied by their guardian when they arrive. You may not drop your student off and leave or remain in your car.
  • Parents must sign a COVID-19 waiver before their first class each week in order for their dancer to be admitted in to the studio.
  • RDC staff and dancers will have their temperature taken when they arrive at the studio and will be turned away if they have a fever or present any symptoms of illness.
  • In the lobby, dressing rooms and dance rooms, we’ll remove all chairs and unnecessary furniture or items to decrease what dancers can touch.
  • All dancers will enter through our main doors and exit out the dance room doors, so there will be no contact with other dancers during the class transition. 
  • All dancers, parents and staff must wear masks at all times. Since we’ll be dancing indoors, dancers will be required to wear masks while they dance, unless they have a pre-existing respiratory condition and we receive a doctor’s note ahead of time. In that instance, those students will be required to wear a face shield instead. Teachers will be required to wear masks and/or face shields while teaching and masks at all other times.
  • We’ve added 15 minutes between each class to allow for proper disinfecting and to make sure there is no contact between students within the class transition. 
  • Between each bathroom use, RDC staff will disinfect the bathroom.
  • In the lobbies/dressing rooms and dance rooms, we’ve added no-touch hand sanitizer dispensers.
  • In the bathooms, we’ve added no-touch hand soap and paper towel dispensers.
  • In the dance rooms, we’ve divided each space to allow for five areas – two for the teacher/staff at the front of the room and three for the dancers in the middle and back of the room. Dancers will not be permitted to leave their spots unless excused by a teacher to use the bathroom or go home.
  • When the weather allows, we will leave the windows open in our dance rooms while classes are going.
  • We do not have an HVAC system that we can upgrade in either dance room, but we are working to add HEPA filters to our existing vents/heaters where we can and have purchased air purifiers for both dance rooms, that will stand in the middle of the room, between the dancers. Our air purifiers have HEPA 13 filters and will clean the air every 10-15 minutes.

We have a very detailed class and age specific plan laid out with arrival and departure instructions and all sorts of rules about what dancers and families can and cannot do while at RDC for our in-person classes. That information will be emailed out to you after you’ve registered for a class and opted in to coming to class in person, and before your in-person phase starts. Keep an eye out!

How do I let RDC know how I want my dancer to take classes this fall?

During the registration process for fall classes, you’ll need to confirm if you’d like your dancer to do only online classes, or both online and in-person. Returning dancers/families: 

  1. When you log in to your account to register, BEFORE you enroll in a new class, go to the menu option (3 horizontal bars) in the top left corner.
  2. Choose the ‘Edit Student Info’ option and click the grey ‘Edit’ button in the bottom left corner for each of your dancers.
  3. Answer the question about how your dancer(s) would like to take class this year – either online only (Zoom) or the online and in-person hybrid option.