RDC In-Person Class Tutorial Videos

Please make sure you and your dancer watch these videos BEFORE you arrive for your first in-person class. These will show you what to expect when come back to RDC!

Studio A (9264 57th) Tutorial Video - Click here!

Studio B (9250 57th) Tutorial Video - Click here!

RDC COVID-19 Information


RDC is offering all of our classes online via Zoom for those who prefer that, rotating hybrid Zoom/in-person classes for those who opt-in and weekly in-person semi-private classes at higher rate! We're taking the safety of our dancers, families and staff VERY seriously. We’re following all state and CDC guidelines exactly and doing more than is required for our in-person classes. Check out more information below!  

Our current in-person rotation started on Monday, April 26, 2021. You MUST opt-in within your account in order for your dancer to be included on the next round, starting on May 17th! Contact us to get added to the in-person schedule!