Studio A (926457th Ave. S. 98118 - this is the main studio)


  • You may wait with your dancer outside RDC. Please stay at least 6 feet from other dancers/parents.
  • RDC staff will check each dancer in one at a time, verify that you’ve signed the COVID-19 waiver and help them find an X to wait on in the lobby until their class starts. We will send them one at a time into the dance room as soon as possible. 


  • Parents will need to wait outside the orange studio door or in their car for their dancer. If you choose to wait in your car, please make sure you can see RDC staff and get out of your car when you see us open the door. 
  • Each dancer will be given hand sanitizer and released with their dance bag, one at a time, out the orange dance room door to their adults.

Studio B (9250 57th Ave. S 98118 - this is just down the block (north of Studio A. The exit only door is inside the glass door next to Jude’s)


  • You’ll be required to drop your dancer off in the back of the building, via the parking lot behind the building, on Ithaca Pl. From 57th Ave S, drive north toward Rainier, go right on Rainier and then take your first right on Ithaca. Go past the first parking lot on the right and take a right into the driveway and go down. You can park anywhere.
  • Go up the stairs on the right and then to the left, following the signs to RDC Studio B. You may wait outside the back door on the stairs or walkway leading up to the backdoor of the RDC lobby. Please stay at least 6 feet from other dancers/parents. You may also wait in your car with your dancer, but please make sure you can see the back door and wait for RDC staff to come out.
  • RDC staff will check each dancer in one at a time, verify that you’ve signed the COVID-19 waiver and help them find an X to wait on until their class starts. 


  • Parents need to wait outside the front of studio B (outside Jude’s) for their dancer.
  • Each dancer will be given hand sanitizer and released with their dance bag, one at a time, out the front dance room glass door (between Jude’s and Souvanny’s) to their adults. 

RDC In-Person Class Tutorial Videos 

Please make sure you and your dancer watch these videos BEFORE you arrive for your first in-person class. These will show you what to expect when come to RDC! These videos are from our Fall 2020 class process, so the process has changed a bit, but they are still relevant. Although we're allowing more dancers in the space at a time, and have relaxed some of our requirements, the check-in process and distancing guidelines are still happening. Take a look!

Studio A (9264 57th) Tutorial Video - Click here!

Studio B (9250 57th) Tutorial Video - Click here!

RDC COVID-19 Information


RDC is currently offering weekly in-person classes for up to 10 dancers at a time. We're still taking the safety of our dancers, families and staff VERY seriously. We’re following all state and CDC guidelines regarding K-12 children for our in-person classes.

Our goal at this time is to provide in-person dance instruction to as many dancers as we can, while being extremely safe. Although we know some families may still prefer to dance at home online, we are transitioning away from Zoom classes as much as a we can. We’ve done Zoom classes for the last 17 months and although we made it happen and it kept us connected, Zoom fatigue for our dancers and teachers was very real. We can accommodate dancers who are immuno-compromised or have immediate family members who are, but we are offering in-person instruction as often as we can.

Our very detailed revised plans, based on the current WA state and CDC guidelines ​are included as downloads in the buttons below, but here are the important things to note:

  • Masks will still be required for all in-person dancers and staff due to state and CDC K-12 guidelines and the fact that anyone under 12 is not eligible to get vaccinated. We've had ZERO exposures/cases thus far and we want to keep it that way. Safety first!
  • There are X’s in our lobbies and dance rooms that are spaced 6 feet apart that all dancers need to stay on or close by, to ensure everyone's safety.
    • Younger dancers (ages 3-6) will take all/most of their class on their X and will not move around much in the room during class.
    • Older dancers (level 1 and up), will be able to go across the floor and move around the room, away from their X’s, with specific safety protocols and guidance from their teachers to keep everyone distanced.
  • Our lobby will continue to be closed to parents/families for now.
  • There are important protocols to follow when your dancer arrives at RDC for class (see blue button below for specifics).
  • Dancers will enter in one door and exit out the other one at a time.
  • Our staff will continue disinfecting high touch items between classes and at the end of each day.​





                                                                      ZOOM CLASS INFO

Zoom classes are much like in-person classes, but you take them from wherever you are! Here's how it works:

  1. Our live stream classes are scheduled through Zoom. Each class has a unique link and password for their class each week. The link will be provided to you via email and is available in your account in our registration system.
  2. When it's time for your class, you click on the Zoom link for your class to join and your dancer can see and interact with their teacher real time! We've added larger screens and extra microphones so your dancer can see and hear us better!
  3. We teach our classes the same way we do in person, it's just adapted for smaller spaces and online learning.
  4. We give our students one on one social time, learning and fun activities they can do at home to keep them engaged and growing

Before your first live stream class, make sure to download the Zoom program here: You do NOT need to sign up or create an account unless you want to. You ONLY need to make sure the app or program is installed on the device you will be using so you can access the class links.

For windows/computers:
For apple devices:
For android/google play:


There has been lot of concern over security surrounding Zoom in the media, so we have taken steps to make sure our classes are secure and our students are safe. Here’s what we’re currently doing:

  1. All classes require a password.
  2. We’re utilizing the waiting room for every class and our teachers are double checking the attendance sheets and our system as they let people in to ensure they are part of that class. We’re trying to log in to each class 5-10 minutes before your start time to help this process, but we thank you in advance for your patience, as there may be a delay.
    1. ​IMPORTANT: Please update the name on your Zoomaccount/screen to be your dancers name when the log into each class. This will allow us to admit you right away!
  3. If we don’t recognize someone’s name as a parent or student in that class, we will admit them in to the meeting but immediately turn their video off. We will ask them to verify who they are and change their name to their dancers name in order to stay in the meeting. If they don’t change their name and/or it doesn’t match a student in our class, they will be removed from the meeting.
  4. We’ve changed all settings in our accounts so that only the host (us) is able to screen share and no one can take control of the meeting besides the host.

ZOOM DANCE CLASS TIPS- Our teachers work hard to keep our live stream classes focused and interactive, but you can definitely help us! We know this isn’t the same as being in person, but we’d love all of our dancers to get the most out of each class they take. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • 30 minutes to 1 hour before your class starts: 
    • Decide ahead of time where you will be dancing. Find a space that is quiet/private if you can, and make sure you clear some space for your dancer to move! Move furniture if you need to. Everyone in the house is welcome to dance with us! They should dance on the floor, not the couch or anything else.
    • Make sure your space has a place to plug your device in during class so it doesn’t lose power.
    • Choose a good spot to set your device up before class starts so you can see and hear the teacher and other students, but also see your whole body! 
    • Wear comfortable clothing​.
    • Your dancer may need supervision during their class to help them stay focused so plan ahead! Leaving them alone in a room, especially if they are under the age of 7 or 8, may not be the best plan. We recognize that you parents may need a break and if that’s the case, that’s ok with us, but checking in a couple times during class would be great. All/any family members are welcome to dance with us!
  • Instructions/Tips for Zoom:
    • Wifi and connection: 
      • Based on your wifi speed, bandwidth and signal strength, some of you may have a better connection than others. The sound and video will likely cut out at times and there may be a delay. Please remember to be patient.
      • Make sure other people in your household turn off their wifi or at least ask them not to stream or download during your class. This will help a lot!
    • Sound
      • Choose ‘Call using internet audio’ if you want to use sound through the device you’re logging in with. You can also use the ‘dial in’ option and call in from a separate phone. If you choose this, you will need to make sure your phone is on speaker, as this is how you will hear what’s going on and talk to your teachers! 
      • Make sure your computer/device and/or phone volume is ALL THE WAY UP!
      • If you are using both a computer/device AND a phone, make sure one of them is on mute at all times. If not, this will make an awful, very loud sound!
      • Once the teacher is ready to officially start the dancing part of class, they will likely mute everyone for the majority of class. This is to ensure everyone can hear them with no noise distractions.
      • If you have issues with sound or hearing the music, you are welcome to play your own music during the dance part and just follow along with the movement. You can also use a portable blue tooth speaker or your home sound system if you’re able to - this will help!
    • Video
      • Push the ‘Start Video’ icon to start your video/camera if it doesn’t start automatically.
      • If you choose to not share your video with us and the rest of the class, that’s totally ok too, just let us know.
      • If you are using your phone or device other than a computer, make sure to turn it horizontally (sideways) so we get the best angle. 
      • Expand/maximize your screen so this video is the only thing you see. This will help make your image/video bigger so we can all see you! 
      • Before you start dancing, click on the 'Speaker View button on the top right hand corner, so you can see the teacher as the largest video.
      • It’s helpful for us to be able to see your dancers whole body during class, so adjusting your camera/device and stepping back away from your device is good.
  • General reminders for live streamed classes:
    • It may take a little time for everyone to get logged in and set up before your class starts, especially the first few time you all do this! 
    • Be patient with technology! Sometimes there WILL be delays or time-out’s. This will be frustrating, but we’re all in this together. Take a deep breath while we work it out and be able to get back to class!​
    • We will be recording these live stream classes and if you miss class and would like to receive the recorded class, please let us know!

Remember, this is NOT the same or as good as being together in person and that’s ok. We’re using this format to just stay connected and keep dancing, so please be open to trying new things and adapting to this new format and the space you’re in!